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Attention Collectors: Extremely Rare, New and Original M10/45 Magazines

We were in a nearby gun store last week – Bud’s Gun Shop, in Sevierville, TN – because Sam wanted to buy a new carry pistol. While he was checking out, I was doing what I do, which is looking for anything MAC related.

Low and behold, I found something really special, in fact, something we’d never seen in person, much less owned. I found original M10/45 magazines. In fact, two different kinds: the first being Cut/Modified Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun magazines and the second are CMP (Component Metal Products) 30 round magazines. So what do you think I did? That’s right – I bought them ALL! So after setting aside what we are keeping for our own collection, we have the following for sale:

The first are new and original Guide Lamp military grade M3 Grease Gun magazines engraved “Powder Springs, GA 1973 M-10/.45 acp” on the side and then the military engraving on the front. They are cut/modified to work with the M10/45 guns. We have 6 of these for sale – only 6. You can buy them on our website here. Below, I’ve listed pictures:

But that wasn’t all. I also found original CMP (Component Metal Products) M10/45 30 round mags. These mags were originally sold with the RPB M10/45 guns. They have reinforce feed lips, but do not have the Grease Gun D lock on the right side at the top. As you can see in the pictures below, they quite visibly have the notorious stress lines or gouges in the sheet metal from the manufacturing process. We only have 5 to sell of these – only 5. You can buy them from our website here. Pictures are below:

I did some research on these magazines and they are referenced in the book: “The MAC Man: Gordon B. Ingram and His Submachine Guns” by Frank Innamico . As well as the article “Mags for MACs” by Frank Innamico published in the Small Arms Review V17N2 (June 2013). The interesting part and what I believe makes these magazines even cooler and more rare is that in both the book and this article, Frank writes that these magazines are also stamped with the Cobray Logo. However, none of these magazines have the Cobray Logo stamp.

I also searched around to see who, if anyone had these for sale, and I found no CMP 30 round mags for sale anywhere and only 2 sources that have the PS mags. So, if you have a Powder Springs M10/45 but don’t have an original PS magazine, or maybe you do, but you want more, here’s your chance. Or if you have a RPB M10/45 and don’t have an original CMP magazine, or you want more – here’s your chance. But keep in mind that when these are gone, they are gone.

Happy Shooting…

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Almost back in stock: CF-W9mmA Bolts and Grease Gun Mags

Any time now the CF-W9mmA Bolts and M3 Un-cut Grease Gun Mags will be back in stock. We will have limited quantities and once they are gone, they are gone. If you are interested in these items, and if you are not already on the wait list then please add yourself or email us. Once we put them back in stock on the website, you will receive an email at: . Here are the links:

CF-W9mmA Bolts

CFW-A1 Bolt

Grease Gun Mags

M3 Grease Gun Magazine

As always, happy shooting…

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Under Barrel Rail Adapters

We have back in stock the Under Barrel Rail Adaters for the M10 and a first time offering of these adapters for the M11/9 and 380 guns. These are available with a vertical grip or without. There are 4 separate product offerings:

Below are some pictures and a video:

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New Page – Guns for Sale!!!

You read that correctly, we have guns for sale! We don’t like to do it, but sometimes we have to clear out the safes when they begin to overflow, so we’ve created a new page listing Guns for Sale. Get them quick, they never last long…

There are more to come as we deal with the pain of parting with our precious-es and post them to the page. See the details here and come back often!

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New and Back In Stock Products

New Items

Grey Ghost Style Front Grip Adapters are now listed for sale. You can buy them for the M10 or M11/380 size and with or without the vertical grips. Click the links below to get the details:

Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue is great for putting a finish back on those small scratches and dings.

Super Blue Liquid Gun Blue

Back in stock

We have grease gun mags back in stock. These are original Guide Lamp mags that are new but may have a few nicks and scratches, we don’t expect these to last long, as we can’t find anyone – besides us – that is selling them. Get yours here.

Grease Gun Magazine

Quick Fit Front Pins for the M11/9 and 380 guns are back in stock after along wait. See them here.

M11/9 or 380 Quick Fit Front Pin

Uzi Top Covers with Rail are back in stock. If you’ve been waiting for yours, now’s your time!

Uzi Top Cover with Rail

MAC Armorer’s Tool Set is back in stock, this comes in handy when you need to work on your MAC.

MAC Armorer’s Tool Set

Did you know we sell Taps and Dies for fixes your MAC’s barrel threads? This set is now back in stock for the M10 upper and barrel. You may purchase them as a set or individually.

13/16-18 Tap and Die
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We Take Consignments

Do you have MAC related items you’d like to sell, but you don’t want to take the time to sell them? Let us do it for you. We’ve sold many different parts and accessories for our customers. Sometimes we even buy them or trade for other merchandise ourselves, well because we like to keep as much as we can!

Parts on consignment usually don’t last long, at the time of this post we only have a couple of items on consignment. They are a used Semi-Auto Uzi Top Cover and a used M10/9 barrel.

If this interests you, contact us for details!

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The Next Big Thing For The Mac Style Family Of Registered Receiver Machine Guns

Yes, “the next big thing” is a bold statement. Here is a quick overview of what A & S Conversions, LLC (A&S) will be bringing to the NFA market  in the first quarter of 2019 for the M10 registered receiver Machine Gun.  Presenting the Tenko 10-16 adapter.
The adapter will:
-Allow the use of unmodified Ar-15/M16 barreled upper receivers and magazines to be fired full auto using an M10 registered  Machine Gun e.g. .22, 9mm, .45, .223/.556, 7.62×39 and 300 Blackout or virtually any other AR upper receiver by pushing the two AR take-down pins.
-An off the shelf Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) buffer does not require any modification to the M10 lower receiver and can be tuned for different AR caliber applications.
-The basic design already has a determination by the Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division of the NFA Branch, that the adapter is not a firearm nor does it break any other laws.
A & S Conversions is currently waiting for the FATD determination of the refined version so we can release the adapter for retail sales.
-We – Practical Solutions will be the exclusive retailer of the Tenko adapter series made by A&S Conversions . If you are interested in the Tenko adapter for the M10, there is a waiting list developing.  To be added to the list please email us at:
-A provisional patent has been filed with the U.S. Patent Office for the mechanism that this adapter uses.
-Below is a video of the adapter being used with a Powder Springs Mac 10 lower receiver. This receiver does not have reinforcement tabs. No appreciable wear developed in the front pin hole of the receiver or the Tenko adapter after 10,000 rounds of use.
As the release date gets closer, more details will be forthcoming. Please do not contact A&S Conversions for further details at this time.  But we will be happy to talk with you about this project.
Further, A&S Conversions is also working on a prototype for the M11/NINE RR Machine Gun which should be available by the third quarter of 2019 if not before.
We hope you are as excited as we are!
Happy Shooting…
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2 New Limited Supply Products

We have just listed 2 products that are limited in supply and when they are gone; they are gone forever.  The first item is new but irregular M10/45 barrels with 5/8-24 threads and the other is replicas of the early style Powder Springs strap and hangers.  Picures below:


Let us know if you have any questions, and we are always interested in buying and/or trading for your extra, rare, unique or spare parts.

Happy shooting…

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Fat Ghost Upper Receiver – M10 9mm or 45 acp.

Like the original, The Grey Ghost, the Fat Ghost is a modification of the design by Mike McManus.  It is completely made of steel with full length Picatinny Rail on top, an Ace Style grip out front, a flash hider with a stubby 1/2 x 28 tpi threaded barrel for the M10/9 and 5/8 x 24 for the M10/45, “shark fin” non-reciprocating charging handle, and built in gas deflector.  The cost of the “stock” Fat Ghost is $475.00.

Some of the customize-able options are below:

1.  Change the barrel threading to :  M10/45 – .578 x 28 tpi, Standard barrel, Standard barrel but made stubby (no barrel after threads).  M10/9 – Standard barrel, Standard barrel but made stubby (no barrel after threads).
2.  Your own barrel such as a 3-lug. Subtract $30.
4.  3″ side accessory rail. Add $55.
5.  Low profile (round/cylindrical) charging handle instead of the shark fin.  Same price.
6.  Leave off the flash hider.  Subtract $5.
The picture below is of the Fat Ghost Upper Receivers with each of the optional charging handles and showing the standard 9mm barrel or the stubby 9mm barrel (the flash hider has been left off of each).  The charging handle on the top Fat Ghost is the Low Profile Charging Handle, and the Charging Handle on the botttom Fat Ghost is the Shark Fin Charging Handle.



This picture shows the Fat Ghost with the Low Profile Charging Handle and the stubby 45 barrel threaded 5/8 x 24.

This picture is of the same Fat Ghost showing the ejection port side with the gas deflector.


Video Coming Soon…

Happy Shooting!