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Product Status in our Shop

We are working on populating our products in our online store. This means that we are inserting pictures of our items, inputting inventory levels, entering descriptions, etc. This is slow going but we are actively working on it.  We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience. Right now, all of our products are showing as out of stock because we are still building our shipping and online payment modules. We don’t want to make anyone really really mad by trying to place an order online and running into errors upon completing your order.

There is good news though, we DO have products for sale and we ARE machining parts and repairing/modifying MAC Machine Guns on a daily basis (this is why it’s taking us so long to get our online store up and running!) We are also capable of taking credit card payments over the phone.  If you have any questions about our products and/or services, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or 410-404-0320.


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Our FFL/SOT Status

After numerous calls to ATF, we finally have our license!  We have been cutting out parts and building M11 Stocks, our Side Cocking Uppers and M10 .22 Kit parts.  Almost all of our machines are now set up and operational, however we are still setting up the shop and are not totally up to speed.  If we have spoken with you recently and you have been waiting to send us your gun for repairs/modifications please contact us at 410-404-0320 or to discuss getting it shipped to us.  We appreciate your patience and look forward to working with all you again!

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M10 and M11 Stocks

We are caught up enough on our projects to where we can turn our attention to our inventory. The M10 and M11 stocks are done all but parkerizing so you can expect them this weekend. The NEW 22 kit for the M10 is done all but review by ATF Tech Branch. This kit is basically the same as the old kit with the exception of a replaceable chamber in the barrel (not a floating chamber) and a bolt face that now has an extractor. This kit is way quieter than the last kit and at some point the parts should be available to update the old kits if necessary. We will see how ATF views the project.

We will be adding inventory to the new site as we can. We will be concentrating on the side cocking uppers as soon as we finish this run of stocks. We have lots of the parts already made for the uppers so look for them soon.

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M11 Kit Update

We have fitted a few M11s with kits and they run just as reliably as the M10s.  We will begin working our way through the list as soon as we have our magazine perfected.

Magazines:  We have approximately 200 magazine bodies back from the laser welder and we are working the bugs out.  The 20 and 30 round mags work great.  The high cap mags, however, continue to be a bit of a problem. We tested several 40 round mags (in the white) with our local beta testers and it was thumbs up all the way. We then parkerized them and in an effort to save time and reduce costs, we replaced our follower with a Black Dog Machine follower. Before test firing the new follower, we sent them out to beta test volunteers.  As soon as we had those practice mags in the mail, we discovered that the Black Dog Machine followers (through no fault of their own) were too small for our spring. The parkerizing also made the inside so rough that the follower would not slide correctly. Our high cap mag that (in the white) would hold 42 rounds were now only allowing 17-20 rounds if you smashed the last rounds into the mag.  So, we have modified the followers so that they work with our springs in our mags and sent them out to our volunteers.  To avoid the rough interior wall caused by parkerizing, we have set up for bluing the mags to keep a smooth polished finish on the inside. We will be test firing the latest mags this week and are waiting for reports from our volunteers.

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Comparison of Magazines

We are currently bending the magazine bodies so that they can be sent out to the laser welder.  Below is a picture of the unfinished 12″ mag bodies w/ an H&K 270 20 round mag in the middle for comparison.

M11 Kits:  All of the programming for the parts is completed and we are currently machining the first run of 10 kits.  We expect to send these kits out to be coated late next week.