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Now Buying Semi-Auto and/or Full-Auto Broken MACs, Registered Receivers, part sets, new or like new parts, magazines, and/or accessories for the MAC series semi-auto or full-auto machine guns.

Do you have a MAC open bolt semi-auto gun or full-auto machine gun that you want to sell?  Do you have one that is broken and just wasting space in the safe?  Did someone pass one down to you and you would rather have the money than the gun?  Do you have a registered receiver that was never built into a working gun?  Maybe you feel like your gun has been damaged beyond repair and you’d have just thrown it away years ago, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.  Do you have part sets rusting away in your basement?  Do you have cases of grease gun, Zytel, Uzi, or Sten magazines that you don’t need?  Did you sell off your MAC and keep the accessories, but now you really don’t want them?

If any of the scenarios above sound like you then contact us.  We are now buying the guns that you don’t want.  Tell us your asking price and we will be happy to make you a reasonable offer and we will pay you in full as soon as we complete the transfer paperwork. 

We will only buy legal guns.  Please do not contact us if you have a full-auto gun that does not have paperwork.  We are not interested in contraband.

Please call or email us with what you have at:  410-404-0320 or

Happy Shooting

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