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New – .99¢ or $5.99 Flat Rate Shipping

We just hate paying high shipping fees.  Especially when we feel like it’s unreasonable.  For example, just a couple of days ago, we bought $14 worth of fittings for the drip irrigation we are putting into our high tunnel (Because in addition to being machine-gunners, we are also wanna-be farmers) and the shipping was $13.  So almost half of the order was for shipping!  Now these pieces might take up some space in a box, but they are plastic and so don’t weigh very much.  I’m sure that the actual shipping the company pays to send us our box will be less then what we were charged.  

That’s it!  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and we decided to change our own shipping pricing.

From now on, most of our items will qualify for .99¢ shipping via USPS First Class mail.  These items are the smaller items that will fit into a padded envelope.  We don’t want you to buy a $3.99 spring and pay $6.00 shipping – that’s crazy!  

All other items – those that will mail in a box and will have some weight to them will be shipped with a $5.99 flat rate shipping charge via USPS First Class or Priority Mail.

If for any reason you would like your items that qualify for free shipping to ship via Priority Mail and/or with Insurance as opposed to First Class, we would be happy to accommodate your needs, but we will charge the $5.99 flat rate shipping fee plus any additional fee for insurance and please call in your order because our website is not smart enough to make this change.

Our pricing structure on all firearm shipping has not changed.  We will continue to charge the actual shipping fees we pay the common carriers.

Thank you so much for your continued business!

Happy Shooting…