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Attention Collectors: Extremely Rare, New and Original M10/45 Magazines

We were in a nearby gun store last week – Bud’s Gun Shop, in Sevierville, TN – because Sam wanted to buy a new carry pistol. While he was checking out, I was doing what I do, which is looking for anything MAC related.

Low and behold, I found something really special, in fact, something we’d never seen in person, much less owned. I found original M10/45 magazines. In fact, two different kinds: the first being Cut/Modified Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun magazines and the second are CMP (Component Metal Products) 30 round magazines. So what do you think I did? That’s right – I bought them ALL! So after setting aside what we are keeping for our own collection, we have the following for sale:

The first are new and original Guide Lamp military grade M3 Grease Gun magazines engraved “Powder Springs, GA 1973 M-10/.45 acp” on the side and then the military engraving on the front. They are cut/modified to work with the M10/45 guns. We have 6 of these for sale – only 6. You can buy them on our website here. Below, I’ve listed pictures:

But that wasn’t all. I also found original CMP (Component Metal Products) M10/45 30 round mags. These mags were originally sold with the RPB M10/45 guns. They have reinforce feed lips, but do not have the Grease Gun D lock on the right side at the top. As you can see in the pictures below, they quite visibly have the notorious stress lines or gouges in the sheet metal from the manufacturing process. We only have 5 to sell of these – only 5. You can buy them from our website here. Pictures are below:

I did some research on these magazines and they are referenced in the book: “The MAC Man: Gordon B. Ingram and His Submachine Guns” by Frank Innamico . As well as the article “Mags for MACs” by Frank Innamico published in the Small Arms Review V17N2 (June 2013). The interesting part and what I believe makes these magazines even cooler and more rare is that in both the book and this article, Frank writes that these magazines are also stamped with the Cobray Logo. However, none of these magazines have the Cobray Logo stamp.

I also searched around to see who, if anyone had these for sale, and I found no CMP 30 round mags for sale anywhere and only 2 sources that have the PS mags. So, if you have a Powder Springs M10/45 but don’t have an original PS magazine, or maybe you do, but you want more, here’s your chance. Or if you have a RPB M10/45 and don’t have an original CMP magazine, or you want more – here’s your chance. But keep in mind that when these are gone, they are gone.

Happy Shooting…