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M10 .22 Cal Conversion Kits

Okay, we are well into the New Year and we are now in fact manufacturing parts for the M10 .22 cal Conversion Kits.  We are in the process of tooling up and perfecting our programs to turn out the kits in lots of 25.  As is the nature of our business, our progress has been slightly delayed due to an influx of recent gun repairs.  The first 10 kits of this 25 unit run lot will go out to individuals that have been with us through the years – waiting for this moment. The first 10 will also be our beta-testers (we will hold the additional 15 kits to make sure our betas run smoothly.)  We need to make sure our mass produced units will run effectively and accurately for everyone.  By sending out the first 10 and then in lots of 25, we can control manufacturing kinks and glitches.  Basically, we want to make sure the products we are sending out will work and that you guys will feels as though you’ve spent your hard earned money wisely!
After the betas are tested and trued, we will start an official waiting list. WE WILL NOT TAKE DEPOSITS OF ANY KIND!  It is against our business model to use our customer’s money for our research and development for any of our products.  We respect each of you too much to hold on to your money for years with only the promise of a product.  We will not accept anyone’s money without a kit ready to be shipped to you.  When we are ready to begin a list, we will let everyone know. Until then, please be patient with us.

As far as the M11 kits are concerned, we hope to begin manufacturing them in late February.  Many of the parts are the same except for size.  That should give us enough time to get the first lot of M10 kits ready so that we can concentrate our efforts on mass producing the M11 kits.

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