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SAR East Show

The SAR East show and our anticipated debut date is less than a week away.  Unfortunately, we must say that our project is delayed due to manufacturing hurdles.  We had ordered a couple hundred upper receivers from two different manufacturers and they were to be delivered no later than 4/15/09.  Believe it or not, both are running behind schedule.  We are expecting to be delayed anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

We now have functioning magazine well adapters for all caliber and conversion variations, so that our unit will now work for all MAC 10’s regardless of caliber and/or conversion.  We have also completed our initial run of beta testing and the results are in!  We discovered that because so many different manufacturers were making the MACs back in the day, each maker’s receiver varies slightly.  Because of this variation, some of our units may need to be modified to reliably function in your gun.  As a result, we will be requiring all purchasers to send us their gun so that we can make sure the unit will work.  We are hoping this is only temporary, however, we are committed to only selling functional units and we are unwilling to take the chance of selling a unit that will not work.  After all, our reputation is on the line.
We have also officially begun a formal waiting list.  This list is comprised of individuals that have sent us an email (from December 2008) notifying us that they want to be on the list.  If you have only told us verbally, chances are you are not on our list.  To check your status and/or be added to our list, please send us an email at: .

We will still be at the SAR East show selling our other products and we will have a .22 unit on display.  Please come by and check us out!

M11 Status – There is no new update as we are still working on the M10 and we have been preparing for the SAR East show.  We still hope to see you there.

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