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OEM Top Cocking Uppers are Now in Stock

We recently stumbled upon a small treasure of original OEM Top Cocking Upper Receivers bodies complete with the reinforcement ribs and Cobray© Logo. The only modification from the original design is the inclusion of the hole for the barrel roll pin in the trunnion.

We are taking a limited and old supply of the original sheet metal bodies and front sights and welding onto our CNC machined trunnion. These uppers will fit and function on Full and Semi Auto guns.

We have these for the the M10, M11/NINE and even the little 380 guns. As far as we know the M11/NINE uppers have remained available, but we haven’t seen the M10 uppers and especially the 380 uppers in years and years. We have a limited supply of the M10 and .380 uppers in stock and when they are gone, they are gone. Please visit each upper’s product page for more details.

M11A1/380 OEM Top Cocking Upper

M10 OEM Top Cocking Upper

M11/NINE OEM Top Cocking Upper

We are out of barrels at the moment, so we are selling these uppers without barrels only. We hope to have our own barrels for sale in about 3 months, but until then, we’d be happy to install your barrel in your upper. Contact us for more details at:

This item is a custom order item, please allow at least two weeks for shipping when purchasing.