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Comparison of Magazines

We are currently bending the magazine bodies so that they can be sent out to the laser welder.  Below is a picture of the unfinished 12″ mag bodies w/ an H&K 270 20 round mag in the middle for comparison.

M11 Kits:  All of the programming for the parts is completed and we are currently machining the first run of 10 kits.  We expect to send these kits out to be coated late next week.

1 thought on “Comparison of Magazines

  1. I need a cobray M12 high cap 30rnd Magazine please help I can’t find any and there the hardest mags to find out of all the mac and mac clones, please get back to me would also love if you guys offered a upper for the .380 to convert to 9mm and slide safety for it please get back to me, the magazine is needed badly I will buy 5 once you get them

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