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Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

We are very pleased to announce that we (Practical Solutions) have begun communications with the same company that Tom Wright aka Vegas SMG used to manufacture the CF-W Tungsten slow fire bolts.  We have sent them drawings and we have obtained pricing to manufacture a run of Tungsten bolts nearly identical to the CF-W9mmA bolts.  These are the shorter bolts that will work in the A1/.380 guns as well as the M11/NINE 9mm’s.  It has been almost 2 years since the last run of bolts were made and the cost of tungsten has continued to climb.  They will be no more than $950.00 each plus shipping and may be a little less depending upon the number of people committed to purchasing a bolt.  We will need a minimum of 25 people to get a run started and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required.  If you are interested please email Tina at: and we’ll put you on the list.  If/when we get the minimum, we will contact you for payment of deposit and we’ll get the bolts started.  We would anticipate the lead time to be 3-4 months until the bolts are ready for delivery.

Link to bolts: