Gunsmithing Services

We have been doing repairs on MAC Machine Guns for almost 2 decades.  There is no job too big or small.  We do machine gun repairs, modifications, and customizing to our customer’s request. We have performed complete builds of registered receivers and we have made small repairs such as repairing a single broken weld.  Although we specialize in the MAC series machine gun, we also make repairs and modifications to other sub machine guns such as Uzi Machine Guns, Thompson Machine Guns, and Stemple Machine Guns.  Below you will find a few samples of the types of repairs and modifications we have performed.  Have something in need of repair, modification, or customization?  Give us a call or send us an email.  Chances are we’ve already done it and will be happy to assist you in getting your machine gun up and running again.  Note:  The pricing below does not include shipping.

Barrel Threading:  We can thread most any barrel up to 24 inches long. The price includes cutting the barrel down to thread size and threading. We will cold blue and oil. The most common sizes are: 1/2 X 28, 5/8 X 24, 1/2 X 32, 1/2 X 36, .578 X 28.  Normal price:  $85.00.

Check out/General Inspection:  We will check out and inspect the firearm for proper specifications and function.  This includes inspection of wear parts and holes/welds on upper and lower receivers.  We will make recommendations and offer solutions for any problems found.  If there are repairs that are needed, the charge for the check out will be included with the cost of the repairs.  This is an excellent option for those that are wanting to sell or have just purchased the Machine Gun so that you have a full understanding of exactly what you have.  Normal price:  $99.99.

Conversions (Prices do not include reparkerizing):

  • 380 to M11/9 Conversion:  The original magazines for the 380 guns are rare and expensive.  New to the market are inexpensive reliable magazines for the M11/9.  This conversion will change the grip from the original 380 grip to the M11/9 grip so that you may purchase and use these magazines.
  • Normal price:  $349.99.
  • Convert an M11/9 barrel to a 380 barrel:  This will include the necessary setups to cut the chamber and reform the mouth of the chamber as well as back cutting the barrel land. Using this barrel will allow you the added material to cut 1/2 X 28 threads onto the end of the barrel as well as having the more popular standard M11/9 thread (3/4 X 10).  Normal price:  $60.00.
  • Convert Bolt for Uzi Conversion:  This conversion modifies your double feed M10/9mm bolt to work with the Uzi grip configuration.  Normal price:  $45.00. It is $45.00 extra to convert single feed bolt to double feed bolt.
  • Grease Gun Conversion:  This conversion allows you to convert your M10/9 to a 45 caliber. The conversion is for the lower only and requires you to supply an upper receiver and bolt in 45. This is a permanent caliber change and will require you to notify ATF in writing of the change unless your MAC is already registered in two calibers. You must call us to make arrangements for the conversion and shipping.  Normal price:  $299.99.
  • Reverse Sten Conversion:  Many people like the look and feel of the original M11/9 grips but the deal they got was for a Sten converted gun. This conversion can be reversed but the Sten grip is longer than the original grip. The frame has to have the removed piece reinstalled and then cut out for the original grip. You will not be able to tell any work has been done by looking at the outside of the gun. You must call us for arrangements and shipping.  Normal price:  $429.99.
  • Sten Conversion:  This conversion allows you to use cheap Sten magazines in your M11/9 and makes your gun look more like the M10/45 only smaller. This conversion is still a very good way to get away from the Zytel magazines that came with your M11/9 originally. The Sten magazines are still cheap and easy to get. You must call us to make arrangements for the conversion and shipping.  Normal price:  $329.99.
  • Uzi Conversion:  This conversion allows you to use cheap and plentiful UZI magazines to feed your M10/9. The 9mm magazines come in 25, 32, 40, 50 and 72 round drums. A nice bonus is that with the change of your upper receiver and bolt you can use 45 caliber UZI magazines to shoot 45 through the same gun.  The conversion includes cutting off the original grip, welding on a modified UZI grip and modifying the 9mm double feed bolt to accept Uzi mags. The 9mm single feed bolt can be modified to accept the UZI magazines and that modification is $45.00.  If we are converting the lower receiver and it is currently set up in 45 acp or is a Sten converted lower, then the cost will include an additional $100.00 because we must fill in the lower receiver to accommodate the Uzi grip.  The conversion will NOT work with the M11/9 and you must call to make arrangements with us for the conversion and the shipping of your M10/9 to us.  Normal price:  $349.99.

Custom Engraving:  We can do custom engraving on your guns and/or parts.  Please contact us for details.  Starting price:  $75.00.

Custom Fitting of After Market Accessories:  I’ve said it a million times, when MACs were built, they were cheap and basically hand built.  This being said, They do not all fall into the original manufacturers specifications.  As a result, sometimes after market accessories such as the Lage Mfg slow fire upper receivers or conversion kits do not work out of the box and you cannot get it to work.  Your practical solution is to send us your gun and accessories and we will custom fit those items to fit and function properly on your gun.  The prices vary depending on the scope of the work to be preformed.  Starting price:  $50.00.

Replace Trip and/or Sear on Open Bolt Semi Auto Guns:  Labor is $400.00 which includes test fire.  Firearm must be reparkerized after parts are installed.  Reparkerizing is a separate fee, does not include any necessary parts.

Reparkerizing:  We use Manganese Phosphate which is considered charcoal in color.  We can provide an extra dark finish which should match the black anodized uppers for an additional $75.00 – $150.00.

  • Standard MAC or Cobray  type firearm: This service includes disassembly and reassembly of the firearm as long as it is in STANDARD configuration. There may be an additional charge if the parts to be parkerized are finished in anything other than parkerizing, i.e. cerakote, paint, duracoat, etc.  Normal price:  $185.00.
  • Standard lower receiver:  This includes disassembly and reassembly of all STANDARD parts.  There may be an additional charge if the parts to be parkerized are finished in anything other than parkerizing, i.e. cerakote, paint, duracoat, etc.  Normal price:  $125.00.
  • Accessory Upper receivers:  We can do reparkerizing on most any aftermarket STEEL uppers.  Normal price: $75.00 – $150.00.

Stretching Magazine Well:  Remember MACs were basically hand built cheap guns.  Sometimes the magazine wells are slightly smaller than spec and your magazine will not properly slide in and out of the magazine well making it difficult or impossible for the gun to function properly.  We have a fixture that will stretch the magazine well so that the magazine will slide in and out of the magazine well easily and allow for proper function.  This repair does not normally require reparkerizing, so this is not included in the price.  Normal price:  $75.00.

Welding  (Prices do not include reparkerizing):

  • Weld in new Receiver Tabs:  Many of the Powder Springs and RPB guns had no receiver tabs welded in for the front pin reinforcement. We weld in the tabs to not only make the front pin holes stronger but to also take up the play on each side of the later uppers. On the M10’s you will want to machine and reweld the upper receiver so you can still use the original upper and that is an additional $75.00. This includes repairing worn receiver holes in the lower receiver.  Starting price:  $285.99.
  • Repairing Selector Holes:  Excessive use may eventually cause the selector holes to become worn and egg shaped.  Our repair is to reweld the area and then cut out the holes again based on the original spec.  Normal price:  $249.99.
  • Replace/Weld in new Feed Ramp:  When the feed ramp welds become broken and the ramp itself is misshaped, it is necessary to cut it out and reweld a new one in it’s place.  Normal price:  $264.99. 
  • Replace/Weld in new rear Sight Plate:  When the welds break on the rear sight plate, the appropriate repair is to cut it out and weld in a new sight plate.  Normal price: $224.99.  
  • Replace/Weld in new Trigger Guard:  This repair is necessary when the original trigger guard welds are broken and the firearm is still used until the trigger guard becomes misshaped.  Sometimes the trigger guard was installed incorrectly originally.  The repair is to cut out the existing trigger guard and reweld in a new one.  Normal price:  $269.99.