MAC History

MAC History

A simple internet search will provide anyone with all the  history, opinions and rhetoric anyone could possibly stomach on the history and differences between the MAC series of sub machine guns. We see no need  to re-write what’s already been written countless times. Instead, on our MAC  history page, we’ll simply point you to and provide for you only some of the  information out there. If you find an information source we should point to, please let  us know.

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A couple of notes about the article above. 1. Tactical Innovations is no longer offering the Sten conversions to M11s. We however still do. To find out more about the Practical Solutions Sten Conversion, please click here. You’ll also notice that the reference to today’s pricing is about 9 years and several thousand dollars outdated.

Here are the original Operatating manuals for the Military Armament Corp. M10/45, and M10/9 and M11/.380. As well as the SWD M11/9. We have reproductions of these manuals available for purchase.

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