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New Instructional Video M10 .22 Kit

We’ve uploaded a new instructional video for the M10 .22 conversion kit.  This video is for new owners and it demonstrates how to install the kit.  For those of you that would like to get a closer look at the unit, this video may be helpful.  Click here to view the M10 .22 conversion unit instructional video.

We have also successfully created and test fired our own 20 round magazine.  Now that we know we can reproduce the magazines we already have, we will lengthen the size of the magazine body and begin beta testing the higher capacity mags.  Stay tuned…

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M11 Update on YouTube

We have just uploaded a video on demonstrating the M11 22 Kit.  Click here to see the video of the Practical Solutions .22LR Conversion Kit.  Both of our 22 kits (the M10 and M11) are very similar in design.  The beta testing of the M10 kits allowed us to easily make design changes to the M11 kit, as well.  We are currently undergoing beta testing for the M11 kit and we expect to begin delivering the units late Summer or early Fall.

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Contacted Oxford Armory

We have contracted with Michael Asid of Oxford Armory to protect the kit’s bolt carrier and magazine well adapter with a Moly Resin coating.  It has proven to be very durable in our test model.  We have several completed kits that are coated and in transit back to us now.  Once we get these pieces back in-house we will be making deliveries to the customers for which kits were customized.  We are also contacting the next ten names on the list to get specific information regarding their gun so that we can send the proper mag well adapters to Oxford Armory for coating.

We have also finished prototyping all of the tooling for the 40 rounds mags and we have started on the first magazine prototypes.  We will begin beta testing within the next couple of weeks.

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M10 Units Completed Beta Testing

We have completed our beta testing for our M10 units and found a reliable supplier for our upper receivers.  They are now for sale!  We have listed the units for sale on our site however they are showing “out of stock” status so that they cannot be purchased through our online store.  We are working our way through the waiting list which is currently approximately 50 names long.  If you are not on our list, but would like to be please email us at: and tell us if you want to be placed on the M10 or M11 list.  If you are already on our list, we will contact you via email when it’s your turn.
Now that we have the M10 units working we are turning our “fullspeed” attention to the fabrication and beta testing of the 40 rnd mags and the M11 conversion units.  Stay Tuned…