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Contacted Oxford Armory

We have contracted with Michael Asid of Oxford Armory to protect the kit’s bolt carrier and magazine well adapter with a Moly Resin coating.  It has proven to be very durable in our test model.  We have several completed kits that are coated and in transit back to us now.  Once we get these pieces back in-house we will be making deliveries to the customers for which kits were customized.  We are also contacting the next ten names on the list to get specific information regarding their gun so that we can send the proper mag well adapters to Oxford Armory for coating.

We have also finished prototyping all of the tooling for the 40 rounds mags and we have started on the first magazine prototypes.  We will begin beta testing within the next couple of weeks.

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M10 Units Completed Beta Testing

We have completed our beta testing for our M10 units and found a reliable supplier for our upper receivers.  They are now for sale!  We have listed the units for sale on our site however they are showing “out of stock” status so that they cannot be purchased through our online store.  We are working our way through the waiting list which is currently approximately 50 names long.  If you are not on our list, but would like to be please email us at: and tell us if you want to be placed on the M10 or M11 list.  If you are already on our list, we will contact you via email when it’s your turn.
Now that we have the M10 units working we are turning our “fullspeed” attention to the fabrication and beta testing of the 40 rnd mags and the M11 conversion units.  Stay Tuned…

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SAR East Show

The SAR East show and our anticipated debut date is less than a week away.  Unfortunately, we must say that our project is delayed due to manufacturing hurdles.  We had ordered a couple hundred upper receivers from two different manufacturers and they were to be delivered no later than 4/15/09.  Believe it or not, both are running behind schedule.  We are expecting to be delayed anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

We now have functioning magazine well adapters for all caliber and conversion variations, so that our unit will now work for all MAC 10’s regardless of caliber and/or conversion.  We have also completed our initial run of beta testing and the results are in!  We discovered that because so many different manufacturers were making the MACs back in the day, each maker’s receiver varies slightly.  Because of this variation, some of our units may need to be modified to reliably function in your gun.  As a result, we will be requiring all purchasers to send us their gun so that we can make sure the unit will work.  We are hoping this is only temporary, however, we are committed to only selling functional units and we are unwilling to take the chance of selling a unit that will not work.  After all, our reputation is on the line.
We have also officially begun a formal waiting list.  This list is comprised of individuals that have sent us an email (from December 2008) notifying us that they want to be on the list.  If you have only told us verbally, chances are you are not on our list.  To check your status and/or be added to our list, please send us an email at: .

We will still be at the SAR East show selling our other products and we will have a .22 unit on display.  Please come by and check us out!

M11 Status – There is no new update as we are still working on the M10 and we have been preparing for the SAR East show.  We still hope to see you there.

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Update M10/45 .22LR Conversion Unit

We are still filling bins with parts for the M10/45 .22LR conversion unit.  So far we have made a couple of modifications to the conversion unit that will increase reliability.  We have included a bolt “stop” above the firing pin that keeps the hardened firing pin from hitting the hardened barrel after the last round is fired and ejected.  Another modification is the use of a “booster” to increase backpressure.  Since our design is “blowback only” the increase of backpressure by using the booster increases the reliability.  Our booster is disguised as a .22LR caliber suppressor but it can be removed from the actual barrel and an actual .22LR caliber suppressor installed, as long as the threads are standard ½ x 28 TPI.

Here are a couple of videos of the unit using 100% production line parts.  The first video is burst fire – click here.  The second video is of two magazine dumps – click here .  We didn’t spend too much time with the video camera as the conversion unit was way too much fun and we all wanted trigger time! The magazines are still 20 round steel magazines (Maryland compliant) patterened after the H&K 270. We are working on 40 round steel magazines as well.

We are in the process of having the parts of the units manufactured and are still on track to have them available in time for the SAR East show.  At the moment, we have not begun work on alternative grips to accommodate conversions but now that we believe to have all of the bugs worked out of the unit, we will begin design production of the various magazine well adapters.

As for the M11 conversion unit, many of the beta testing and design changes that were incorporated into the M10 unit also will be used for the M11 units.  Now that we have the M10 unit running reliably, we are moving closer to turning our sights on the M11 unit.

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Beta Test Kits

We are continuing the production of our beta test kits and we are anticipating the completion of the testing by the end of Febuary.  We hope to have the M10 kits available for sale the first part of March.  We also plan to have them avaliable for purchase at the SAR East show that will take place May 1-3, 2009.  For more info, click here.   We hope to see your there!