Upper Receiver – Side Cocking with Barrel for the M11A1/380


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These uppers feature the original smaller .380 sized ejection port but is left open at the bottom so that it will fit either a large or small magazine well lower receiver. This upper can be configured in with the following barrel options:

  1. Standard .380 barrel.
  2. Stubby 4-1/2″ barrel with 1/2-28 threads in .380.
  3. Standard M11/9 barrel in 9mm.
  4. Standard M11/9 barrel converted to .380.
  5. M11/9 4 -1/2″ stubby barrel with 1/2 x 28 threads in 9mm.

NOTE:  This product is just the upper and barrel with no bolt, pictured with optional stubby barrel and 1/4″ rail.  This item is a special order item, please allow 2-4 weeks before shipping.  We do NOT recommend shooting barrels with 1/2-28 threads exposed due to the thinness of the barrel wall at the 1/2-28 threads.  Repeated firing with exposed threads may cause the barrel wall to weaken and/or split.  We recommend always using shooting this barrel with a barrel accessory, such as a thread protector, flash hider, or suppressor firmly secured to the end of the barrel .

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