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Black Canvas “S.W.A.T Case” with Kevlar Panels – Used


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This is a gently used Black Canvas SWAT case with the Kevlar panel inserts.  It has a Cobray© patch on the inside with plenty of pouches and straps for holding onto your MAC.  This is the description from the original catalog listing:  “Carry your firearm of choice in a this handy case which protects  your guns and accessories!  We’ve specially designed this case to handle any of your MAC firearms with room for extra accessories.”  Kevlar Insert catalog description:  “Insert our KEVLAR panels and you have a neck-to-groin built-in Bullet Proof Vest!  LEVEL – ONE Kevlar inserts come in sets of four panels.”

Note:  This is a used item being sold as-is with no warranty, exchanges or returns allowed.