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CF-W 9mm Slow Fire Bolt for the M11/9


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This is the CF-W 9mm Tungsten bolt for the M11/9 full auto SMG. Traditionally, the rate of fire (ROF) in the original SWD configuration was approximately 1200 rounds per minute (RPM). This heavier bolt will reduce your ROF to about 650 RPM (depending upon ammo used). The weight of the the original style bolt is about 1 lb. The CF-W bolt is twice as heavy so it cuts your ROF just about in half.

The machine work on this bolt is better than most machine work you will find on any replacement bolt and the fact that these bolts work is icing on the cake!  This is a “drop in” ROF reducer for your M11/9.  No other parts are necessary.  An added benefit to the CF-W bolt is that just like the old style bolts, you have a replaceable firing pin.

Want to make this bolt even slower?  If you clip 3-4 coils off of the recoil spring, you will be able to run a ROF as low as 550 RPMs (depending on ammo).  Don’t worry about taking too much off the spring because we have additional springs in stock.

Having the original sized package with the weight behind your grip rather than over top of your grip gives a better feel and more accuracy.

The product picture showing three bolts is displaying a side-by-side of the original style bolts vs. the CF-W bolt.

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