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CF-W 9mmA Slow Fire Bolt for the M11A1


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This is the CF-W 9mmA bolt.  This will allow you to shoot 9mm at approximately 950 RPM thru your original M11A1 machine gun.  In order for this to work, you must replace your .380 barrel with a 9mm barrel and since they are both the same length and trunion threads it will go right in.  This bolt is drop-in meaning it comes complete with and ready to run.  We have replacement barrels in stock with either the standard M11/9 barrel or our “shorty” 4 1/2″ barrel with 1/2 x 28 threads.  For more details see our page for the original CF-W Bolt.

The A1 bolt will also work with the M11/9 guns.  The standard speed of the bolt in the M11/9 is 700 RPM’s.  The “orange” spring can give you about 630 RPM’s.  The same bolt used in the 380 guns is about 1000 RPM’s.  The only downside is that the back of the bolt can be seen through he ejection port when the bolt is closed.

Option 1:  A1/.380 – This bolt with be sent configured for the A1/.380 guns to run in 9mm, see above for barrel change.

Option 2:  A1/.380  – Plus rods and springs for M11/9.  If you select this option we will send the bolt configured for the A1/.380 gun, but also send the M11/9 sized Op/recoil Rod, Ejection Rod, and Recoil spring so that you may also use the bolt in your M11/9 gun.  Price is $823.97

Option 3:  M11/NINE 9mm – We will set the bolt up to run in the M11/9 which means we will install the M11/9 spring, recoil rod and ejection rod for the M11/9 sized guns.

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A1/.380, A1/.380 plus Rods and Springs for M11/NINE 9mm, M11/NINE – 9mm