Upper Receiver – Top Cocking with Barrel for M11/9




This is an original OEM Top Cocking Upper Receiver complete with the reinforcement ribs and Cobray© Logo. The only modification from the original design is the inclusion of the hole for the barrel roll pin in the trunnion. We found a limited and old supply of the original sheet metal body and front sight and welded in our trunnion.  This upper will fit and function on Full and Semi Auto guns. The barrel options are the standard M11 barrel or stubby with 1/2-28 threads.  If you are ordering a stubby barrel threaded 1/2-28, we also recommend you purchasing the optional Thread Protector.  If you’d like a custom barrel, please contact us for details.  It will also fit on the Poison Sumac 3D printed lower receiver.  Please tell us in the comments section that this will be used on a 3D printed lower and we will relieve the bottom of the sheet metal so that the hammer will function appropriately.  This item is a custom order item, please allow at least two weeks for shipping.

Note: Lower receiver and bolt assembly not included.  We do NOT recommend shooting this barrel with the 1/2-28 threads exposed due to the thinness of the barrel wall at the 1/2-28 threads.  Repeated firing with exposed threads may cause the barrel wall to weaken and/or split.  We recommend always using shooting this barrel with a barrel accessory, such as a thread protector, flash hider, or suppressor firmly secured to the end of the barrel .

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