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M3 Grease Gun Magazine – Made by United Defense LLC / Keep Shooting®


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Description from Keep Shooting® website:  The M3 Grease Gun Magazine is a newly produced version of the iconic military original. We’ve produced hundreds of thousands of these magazines with more than a decade of experience behind each magazine. You’ll find our M3 Grease Gun Magazine will fit and feed flawlessly in any firearm designed to use unmodified M3 Grease Gun Magazines.


  • M3 Grease Gun Magazine
  • Caliber: .45ACP
  • Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Made by United Defense LLC / Keep Shooting

These will work in your M10/45, MAC-10/45 guns that are already set up for uncut mags.  We can cut them for you, just email us for more info.

NOTE: This magazine is not available for sale in the following states/areas: CA, CO, CT, DC, MA, MD, NJ, NY, and Chicago. If you purchase this magazine and reside in a magazine restricted area that prohibits us from sending this magazines to you, we will issue a refund via check minus the 3% credit card fees we incur.