MAC Armorer’s Tool Set


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This MAC Machine Gun Armorer’s Tool Set has been assembled to assist MAC owner’s with basic cleaning, and parts removal and insertion. These tools, along with the basic tools that you probably already have (steel hammer or two, needle nose pliers, flat blade screwdriver, etc.) should allow you to do most repairs/replacements to your MAC type firearm. This Aromorer’s Tool Set is great for taking to the range for those quick repairs or adjustments.  This set includes:

Soft Tipped Hammer – one side of the hammer has a hard rubber like tip and the other has a harder plastic tip.  This tool is to be used for repairs that need to be tapped or forced into place but the soft tips will not damage the parkerizing.  For example, perhaps there is a bulge in the front of the ejection port  that needs to be hammered back into place, but you don’t want to use your steel tipped hammer because if you do, you will damage the parkerizing.  This soft tipped hammer is perfect for the job. The tips are threaded for ease of replacement or for changing to brass or a different plastic of your choice.

Roll Pin Punch Set – this roll pin punch set contains a punch for every size of  roll pin found in your MAC, plus.  Notice the tips of the punches are rounded.  This is to allow the punches to seat into the hollowed out portion of the roll pin so that when you hammer on the roll pin for removal, the punch will be far less likely to move and damage the finish of your MAC.

Two-Sided Scribe – the scribe will help when working with small parts and is indispensable when installing the MAC trigger springs.

Gun Oil – this oil is tried and true and will help to keep your MAC lubricated and running well.  Don’t be afraid of oiling your MAC, it was meant to be oiled, and it will like it, we promise!

Bluing Solution – OK, so maybe in the process of working on your MAC you damaged the surface slightly.  This cold bluing solution will do the trick.  Just dab some on and remove with a clean rag and follow with oil.  This should cover most small scratches or imperfections and is the closest color we have found to the parkerizing. Please follow the manufacturers directions.