Picatinny Rail Stock Adapter – Full Auto M10


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This stock adapter for the full auto M10/9 or M10/45 gun will allow you to use a stock or brace that uses the 1913 Picatinny Rail spec.  The Sig straight stock will work well, however the Sig folding stock will not fold and lock up properly due to the adapter being too wide.  The stock adapter is made of carbon steel and parkerized in the traditional finish of the MAC series machine gun and comes with stock lock which secures the stock adapter firmly into place.

Note to Powder Springs Gun Owners:  Some of the Powder Springs guns have a wider stock block than other M10’s and this may cause the stock to be tight.  Thinning out the inside of the stock legs will usually compensate for this.  If it is too tight, DO NOT force the stock into your lower receiver.  This may cause welds to crack.  If you have this problem, contact us for help.

Note:  This stock adapter will not work on semi-auto guns  Click here for the semi-auto stock adapter.  Stock and/or gun not included.

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