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Powder Springs M10/.45 acp 30 Round Cut/Modified M3 Grease Gun Magazine


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Original and new Guide Lamp military grade 30 round cut/modified M3 Grease Gun Magazine engraved “Powder Springs, GA 1973 M10/.45 acp” on the side and the Guide Lamp engraving on the front.

These are the original magazines that shipped with the Powder Springs, GA M-10/45’s.

They are referenced in the book: “The MAC Man: Gordon B. Ingram and His Submachine Guns” by Frank Innamico . As well as the article “Mags for MACs” by Frank Innamico published in the Small Arms Review V17N2 (June 2013). The interesting part and what we believe makes these magazines even cooler and more rare is that in both the book and this article, Frank writes that these magazines are also stamped with the Cobray Logo but none of these magazines have the Cobray stamp.

We have limited quantities of these and when they are gone, they are gone.

NOTE:  This magazine is not available for sale in the following states/areas: CA, CO, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, and Chicago.  If you purchase this magazine and reside in a magazine restricted area that prohibits us from sending this magazines to you, we will issue a refund via check minus the 3% credit card fees we incur.