Bolt Disassembly Fixture


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The Bolt Disassembly Fixture was designed to make removing the roll pin from the recoil/op rod from the bolt easy.  Before this fixture, it was very difficult to change the buffer and/or recoil rods/spring on the bolt.  It was near impossible to do without a vise and do so without losing the roll pin in the process was nearly impossible.  For those of you with a CF-W9mmA Bolt, this fixture makes swapping out your rods and spring from the M11 size to the 380 size easy and painless.  With this fixture, there is no need for the “paperclip mod.”  It is constructed of steel, tig welded and then parkerized in the traditional MAC finish.  This fixture will work with all sizes and types of standard MAC bolts including semi and full auto.

This is a brand new product and we only have a limited number available for purchase.  If it is showing as out of stock, please add yourself to the wait list and we’ll notify you when the production run is available (which will be real soon!)  Thank you!

Note:  Bolts not included.