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Upper Receiver – Top cocking for the M11A1/380


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This is an original OEM Top Cocking Upper Receiver complete with the reinforcement ribs, small ejection port and Cobray© Logo.  The only modification from the original design is the inclusion of the hole for the barrel roll pin in the trunnion.  We found a limited and old supply of the original sheet metal body and front sight and welded in our trunnion.  This upper is set up for the original small magazine well guns.  If you have a large mag well gun (the same mag well used for the M10/9 and M11/NINEs), this upper will need to be opened up on the  bottom to allow for insertion of the magazine.  This upper will fit and function on Full and Semi Auto guns.  This item is a custom order item, please allow at least two weeks for shipping.  Please select desired configuration:

Small Mag Well = Original configuration for the original small magazine well 380 guns.  (This includes early SWD guns and all previous builds that have not been already modified)

Large Mag Well = For those with the large magazine well, we will machine the bottom of the upper to allow for clearance/insertion of the mags and then parkerize.  (Most SWD guns)

Note:  Lower receiver and bolt assembly not included.

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