Welcome to Practical Solutions

We are a Class II Firearms Manufacturer that specializes in repairs, modifications, and accessories
for the MAC series (M10/45, M10/9, M11/9, M11/380) sub machine gun as well as the MAC clones
(such as Jersey Arms Works, Hatton Industries, SWD, RPB and anything that uses the Cobray™
logo). We specialize in MAC machine guns because they are typically the entry level full auto of
choice. There are more MACs and MAC clones than any other machine gun. They are relatively
inexpensive, can be customized many different ways and they are a whole lot of fun. Please feel free
to contact us with any of your machine gun or MAC related questions, comments, or concerns. Our
goal is to educate Americans about their right to bear arms and to increase awareness and popularity
of machine gun ownership. You can contact us at sales@macmachineguns.com