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Magazine Update

The picture below shows the results of our dry run for our new tooling.  As you can see, we’re displaying 30 and 40 round mags sandwiched between the H&K 20 round mag we are currently selling with our kits and a typical Sten mag.  We have not yet testfired these mags but intend to do so in the near future.  Our first step was to make sure we could fabricate what we wanted in the way of mag pieces.  There are some quirks in the tooling that make reproduction difficult at best and we are working that out now.  Next, we will begin beta-testing.  We apologize for the delay.  We have undergone a few setbacks, design changes, and delays; but we are pushing forward as fast as we can.

M11 Kit update:  Because we made a slight design change early in the summer, we resubmitted our M11 Kit to ATF for approval (because they instructed us to do so if we made even the slightest design change.)  We have finally received a positive response from ATF and are free to move forward with production of the kit.  We will be working on them over the next couple of months and will get them out as soon as we can.

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