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Production Baby Ghost Upper Receivers for the M11A1 .380 are now being produced

After months of waiting, we are pleased to announce that we are in the initial stages of producing and shipping the M11A1 – .380 SMG Baby Ghost Upper Receivers.  We are beginning to contact those on the wait list, so if you aren’t yet on the list, please email us ASAP at: .

Like it’s predecessor, The Grey Ghost, the Baby Ghost was designed by Mike McManus. This upper receiver is the perfect host for the Vegas SMG slow fire CF-W 9mmA Bolt .  It is completely made of steel with full length Picatinny Rail on top, an Ace Style grip out front, a flash hider with 9mm barrel threaded to 1/2 x 28 TPI, “shark fin” non-reciprocating charging handle, and built in gas deflector.  The cost of the “stock” Baby Ghost is $475.00 and is the top upper receiver in each of the pictures below.

Some of the customize-able options are below:

1.  Smaller (M11A1/380) size ejection port. Add $75.
2.  .380 barrel threaded 1/2 x 28.  Add $50
3.  Your own barrel such as a 3-lug. Subtract $30.
4.  3″ side accessory rail. Add $55.
5.  Low profile (round/cylindrical) charging handle instead of the shark fin.  Same price.
6.  Leave off the flash hider.  Subtract $5.

The picture below displays a couple of charging handle options available for the Baby Ghost.  The top upper receiver has the Shark Fin charging handle and the upper on the bottom has the Low Profile (Round/Cylindrical) charging handle.

The Baby Ghost Upper Receiver is created using an M11/9 size upper receiver.  Therefore it comes stock with the larger ejection port.  This picture below displays the Baby Ghost with either the large M11/9 size ejection port (Top Upper) or the optional smaller .380 size ejection port (Bottom Upper) which works well with the CF-W

9mmA bolts.

This picture below is of a customer’s Baby Ghost installed on hisM11A1 SMG.  Notice the folding stock.  It is an M11/9 Folding Stock that was custom ordered to fold to the left so that the longer length of pull (LOP) would not interfere with the gas deflector around the ejection port.  Yes, we can do this for you too, just ask us about it!

Video Coming Soon…

Happy Shooting!